Volkswagen Air-Cooled Overheating?


Is your car getting a little hot in the summer? Well, here’s something to think about. Without any crazy mods, the type 1 engine holds 2.5 liters of oil; not a huge amount – and often loses its charm if you don’t change it regularly.

As the life blood of your engine, the oil also acts as an internal coolant, similar to the way water flows through newer gen cars. Pretty cool, right? So, with that being said, your standard “doghouse” cooler will try its best to catch the air being directed by the engine tin, which is adequate in most cases!, but truckin up the grade, or driving through Yuma, or perhaps you’re driving a heavy bay window; your car will sure thank you for adding an external oil-cooling system!

Explore this topic at your own risk! There are thousands of posts, forums and other articles about the aftermarket cooling products available. Please, do not take this post as some type of evidence to manipulate your cooling system. We highly recommend utilizing the stock Volkswagen equipment, there’s a reason why Volkswagen survived as long as they did. BUT!, if you need a little extra cooling to keep that dub rolling, Veeparts is here to help.


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