June is a Busy Month!


The direct and indirect impact that these VW events have on communities are so important! They create a strong coming together for people from all walks of life, they provide opportunities for participation, volunteering and encourage involvement for all ages.

Community involvement in events provides social, cultural, economic and environmental development throughout to the surrounding areas, so is beneficial in many ways and important to ensure that community is the focal point of events.

Community events contribute to keeping the spirit high for local residents within the community and have an impact on repeat visits on annual events. If an event provides activities that cater to a whole family and their friends, there is automatically going to be an increase in footfall numbers.

Community activities are an important feature for bringing a connection into communities and for bringing people together, and for helping to create a support network and for building bonds and relationships.

Here’s a few community events in your backyard:

  • June 5 – OCTO VW Bus Show
  • June 5 – Rare Vintage Air Car Show
  • June 6 – Pomona Swap Meet
  • June 9 to 13 – Blackstar Campout
  • June 13 – El Prado
  • June 18 – Der Kleiner Panzers Cruise
  • June 19 – EMPI Open House
  • June 20 – BUGIN


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