Alternator vs Generator


Are you still running a generator on your dub motor? Did you know there are alternator conversion kits available now? Let’s compare the 2:

To start off, unless you’re looking for originality, there are quite a few pros to making the conversion. A generator puts out 30 amps while the basic alternator upgrade will put out 55, plenty of extra juice for that new thumpin’ radio. An alternator also puts those amps out at a lower RPM, so doesn’t work as hard as a generator. Using the alternator eliminates the voltage regulator, making for an easier and cleaner setup for future mods and maintenance.

In the long run, if you choose to upgrade different accessories like headlights and running light, or install a LED bar, slam your ride using electrical power bags, or throw in a mega sound box, etc … the alternator conversion is going to allow you to do it.

So, don’t wait till your next engine build. Hit us up and get yours now.


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